Car Mechanical Repairs

Diesel Automotive can service your car for a lot less than you might expect to pay at a franchise dealer without voiding your warranty. Specialising in Diesel Servicing. As we follow the manufacturer’s guidelines (log book service) for your vehicle, you can be assured that your car will start easy and run smoothly and reliably. Did you know that regular car servicing can actually save you money as it means your car will run more efficiently (saving you fuel) and expensive repairs can be avoided by detecting wear and tear early?

Sometimes, one or possibly more, parts on your vehicle can fail in-between services and require repair or replacement. Faulty components usually erode the performance potential of your vehicle. Some parts fail and are integral to the vehicle operation which can cause a roadside breakdown. Other parts are integral to safety for you, your passengers and the other motorists.

From simple fixes to component failure deep in your engine, getting the experts with the right tools on hand to do the job quickly, efficiently and to the highest service level will save you time and money.

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